Anne Stimac, President

With 12 years experience in every aspect of Production Resources, Brand Integration, Product Placement, Promotional Partnership and Premiere Sponsorship solicitation, as President of A-MAC Placement, I offer everything from full service Production Resorces to an a la carte menu of services to help Studio productions and Independent Producers save time, money, and garner relationships with the most sought after brands for their productions. I have worked extensively both on the production side and the brand side of Entertainment Marketing and so offer a unique approach to the business. My long standing relationships with studios, agencies, and brands allow me to offer the most well rounded services and quick turn around to all production clients.

"I limit my "I couldn’t have done it without you-s" to 3 when I'm in production and Anne Stimac of A-MAC Placement definitely gets one! I wrote a script that should have required hundreds of thousands of dollars to set dress and costume, but Anne was able to secure product placements and make my tiny independent production budget look like a high end studio film. Anne was truly my fairy Godmother on this film. I would wish for things and days later they would be arriving for our film. Anne was able to help me fulfill my vision as a Director and look beyond the page for new placement opportunities that would make our production better. I highly recommend Anne Stimac of A-MAC Placement for your production, no matter what budget you have, she can make your dollars go further and make sure your budget ends up on screen where your audience can see it!"

- Kiara C. Jones, Producer/Director, Cultivated Films LLC

Recent article in RV Life Magazine about Anne Stimac and A-MAC Placement.

"I cannot say enough about Anne's work on Long Live the Squirrels. If I weren't so concerned that she'll get too busy to work on my next film I'd encourage everyone to hire her."

- Brian Herskowitz, Partner/Sr. VP of Production Artists Media Co-Op

"Anne Rocks! Very simply put; if I want to get a clients product integrated into a top Hollywood film, Anne, is there. She can and will do the same for you. She is fast, precise and very clear on what "Bang for the Buck" any of my P4S clients can expect on any given film. She is invaluable as a film partner/colleague and ethical to boot!. P4S will keep working with Anne for a LONG time."

- John Fluke, CEO at P4STV

"Anne is a rare find in this industry. She commands impressive expertise in the field, but remains both approachable and highly reliable, whether dealing with "big" clients or "small". My executive producer and I have been consistently impressed by her creativity in making innovative connections between the commercial interests of various businesses and the creative interests of content producers like us; that's a hard balance to strike, but she seems to do so with ease. We can't imagine a better fit for our business needs than Anne has been for us."

- Charles E. Richard, Endowed Professor at University of Louisiana

"I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job you are doing. I am very impressed."

- Catherine Tatge, Producer

"Anne, amazing! Geeze you're great. I'm exhausted from complimenting you for all your work, but somehow I'll find the energy."

- Allan Katz, Writer, Director, Producer

"A-MAC Placement is professional, creative and resourceful. We have product placed everything from beverages to sail boats all along the way increasing the production value of our film. A-MAC Placement is a valuable asset to any feature film production."

- Gary Michael Schultz, Director/Producer

"SO HAPPY with your work!! Thank goodness you are so fast and the brands are being SO receptive - I feel like we have a much better shot at pulling this off because of you. I really appreciate you. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for everything that you have done for us."

- Eloise Stammerjohn, Production Designer

"Anne is incredible at what she does - I was recently lucky enough to work with her on "Rudderless", where she constantly made the impossible possible."

- Nathan Kelly, Beachside Films