Helping studio productions and independent producers save time, money, and garner relationships with the most sought after brands for their productions.

A-MAC Placement is an entertainment marketing services firm specializing in production resources, product placement and integration, and partnership marketing within the entertainment marketing arena.

Production Resources

Leading the collaboration between the production and the brand client, we manage all points of product placement, brand integrations, partnership contract negotiations, brand placement / clearance agreements, and craft services needs from the development stage of a project to post-production. A-MAC Placement will identify and develop assets using the Production Resources vehicle, which will become the foundation for creating strategic promotional partnerships upon release of the film.

Product Placement

We truly believe that there is no stronger influencer or purchase motivator than the mutually implied endorsement that comes through creating a positive association between a consumer product and an entertainment brand.

We aggressively seek out all opportunities for cash fees and in-kind placements to provide as much brand product as possible to put in front of the camera across all departments including art department (props, set design), wardrobe, transportation, and locations.

We begin with a detailed breakdown of your script to identify every item needed to produce your film with outreach usually beginning before production crew is on board. Once Production Crew is hired, we work closely with them as they make their requests for props, set dressing and wardrobe, always being mindful of the shoot schedule and the many moving and ever changing timetable of the production. We provide complete return reports and wrap reports with signed product placement and clearance agreements for all brands we bring on board, greatly decreasing your legal and/or business affairs costs.

Brand Integration

We will negotiate best brand relationships for film production based on organic and financial needs, while being mindful of and maximizing integrated promotional opportunities for back-end marketing.

We will aggressively seek brand partners best aligned with storyline and production's view to invest in fee based integration placement deals that meet both the productions and the brand's objectives. We negotiate deliverables for both production and brand and provide Fee Integration Agreements for all production approved brand integration.